Today businesses in the services industry rely on brochures to market their products and services. They use brochures to reach their customers and potential customers with the goal of turning them into repeat customers. Brochures are important marketing tools that must be designed professionally and contain the right information to attract attention. Many people do not know that there is not just one category of brochures used for all marketing and promotion activities. There are actually five main categories of brochures. Each is designed to attract customers and sell products and services however each category is used in a different situation. Below is an explanation of the five main categories of business brochures.

After The Big Sales Pitch Brochures: This category refers to the brochures you provide a customer or business prospect after making the big sales pitch. They are given out after a sale presentation as sort of a summary of everything you discussed during the sales pitch. It is designed to help the person remember everything you talked about long after the sales pitch is over. In this brochure, it is important to provide the key selling points and convey why the person needs the product or service. It should be professional, brief, and easy to read and understand. It should also include all of your contact info.

Answer the Question Brochures: This brochure category is designed to provide follow up answers to prospects questions. It is sent to people who have shown interest in a product or service and have contacted you with questions about the business, product, or service. This brochure is a summary of all of the answers you provided to the person who contacted the business as well as key selling points. You use this brochure to keep customers interested and even to convert them into paying customers. You want to convey to them why they need the product and service.

Post Box Brochures: This type of brochure you will mail out to potential customers. You can send a single brochure or include a business card and other marketing materials. In a post box brochure, you can include not just key selling points but also pictures and product features as well as benefits. Like the other brochure categories, it is designed to heighten consumer interest.

Sales Kit Brochures: These brochures are similar to the after sales pitch brochures however they can be used as a tool to help increase sales. It is used by sales people giving sales presentations while they are giving their presentations. It contains bigger text, pages, and photos with key headlines that are bigger. They can also hand these out as they are giving their presentation.

Over The Counter Brochures: These brochures are placed in display stands such as the stands you find at the checkout line of a store, They are placed in locations people will easily view and can easily access. The brochures will often contain a large catchy slogan headline to catch attention. There can also be eye-catching images or illustrations.

Because brochures are so critical to business marketing and promotion, it is essential to create a professional brochure. This includes professional printing services that will ensure you print a high volume of brochures that do not contain any errors.

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The brochure categories are designed to provide follow up answers to prospects questions.

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